Acetech at Plastimage 2022

By: ACETECH, Time: 2022-04-08 4 Comments
On March 8-11, Acetech attended the Expo Plastimagen 2022 together with our Central American agent Mitasa, we have our best-selling machines in the year 2021 on display: The ACS-H 300-80 model pelletizer and the mill model GH700-1000.
- The ACS-H 300-80 model pelletizer can work both flexible and rigid ground plastics, and can obtain a production of up to 250kg per hour with PP, PE, EPE, PS, ABS, etc. material. And it is ideal for factories looking for a recycler for their own waste.

- The GH700-1000 mill is designed for heavy duty, and is multipurpose for size reductions such as boxes, bottles, films, pallets, etc.

This Expo was a complete success. We managed to sell more than 3 same pelletizers until the day the Expo ended. Since every day we had a live demonstration with the pelletizer working the PE films, and that attracted many visitors. These are very important moments that we can remember after so much work by our team.

After almost 3 years, Plastimagen 2022 was finished this time with great success. PLASTIMAGEN® MÉXICO 2022 presents more than 400 exhibitors representing more than 1,000 brands from more than 20 countries, 13 international pavilions, including the ANIPAC pavilion (the National Association of Plastic Industries in Mexico).
Mexico is a very developed market in recycling, we have many clients of mills, rippers, washing lines, pelletizing lines. Since 2020, we started with the local service in Mexico, who can support the installations and training of Aceretech machines. With these strengths, our customers feel safe and we always have good customer service both online and offline.
We already have the Plastimagen 2023 booth reserved, after 1.5 years, see you again. Aceretech we continue to offer the market good quality machines and our valuable experiences in recycling and circular economy.