Mission: Easy recycling, Valuable Plastics.


In 2020, a special year, we have encountered the coronavirus COVID-19 and the downward pressure of the global economy caused by the Pandemic.
In response to the call of the country to fight the pandemic together, we invested in the R&D and manufacturing of the mask material-melt blown fabric production line in April.
At the same time, we start the the intelligent transformation of the processing equipment in the factory, by introducing 4-axis CNC gantry milling, machining centers, grinders, CNC punching machines and other manufacturing equipment.
In August, the SCF series non wire-mesh continuous filter developed jointly with Europe was put into the market, especially for the non-stop recycling and granulation operation of high pollution waste. It changes the characteristics of traditional filter that need to replace the filter screen, which cost saving the filter screens and labors.
Thanks to the support of customers and the growth of orders, as well as the need for the division of labor and upgrading of production processes, the company once again expanded the area of the plant from the original 5,000 square meters to the current 11,000 square meters. Various functional areas such as sheet metal workshop, machining workshop, outsourcing circulation workshop, mechanical assembly workshop, electrical assembly workshop, finished product workshop, and quality inspection platform have been formed.
In November, it was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province High-tech Enterprise (in public announcement).
In 2020, the total sales will be 120 million RMB, which is almost 20 million in USD.